Storage Capabilities

Compounds Australia, within the Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery, is Australia's only dedicated compound management and logistics facility.

Compounds Australia manages small molecule compound libraries (>670,000 compounds) for access by national and international life science research teams. Compound libraries, provided to researchers in flexible, customisable, assay-ready microplates (96, 384 and 1536 wells), are essential for medium and high throughput screening campaigns to accelerate validation of new molecular targets and position biomedical researchers to identify bioactive compounds that may lead to novel therapeutic candidates for further development. Over the past decade, Compounds Australia has built a reputation for high quality compound management and research support underpinned by a combination of expertise in laboratory robotics and automation, large-scale data management, and quality control.

Long term storage of ALIDC compounds are housed in a -20˚C store under a dry and controlled atmosphere to avoid DMSO water capture and maintain the integrity of the compound in solution.

High Throughput Screening

High throughput technology and powerful computing methods for analysing experimental data are important elements of screening. To access our technology please contact the personnel below.

Kym Lowes, Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Greg Arndt, Children's Cancer Institute

Vicky Avery, Griffith Institute for Drug Discovery