The design and assembly of the Australian Drug Discovery Library (ADDL) commenced in 2017 through funding from MTPConnect that was leveraged by the investment of the Consortium Members.

The ADDL was designed and built by the following team, employing the collective experience and deep knowledge in medicinal chemistry and chemical library design of the consortium members.

The Design Team used cutting-edge computational chemistry methods and the latest chemistry collections provided by leading international vendors to create a 300,000 compound library within 3 months. The library was then assembled and refined over a two-year period, being fully completed in September 2019.


Brian Dymock, UniQuest

Tim Failes, CCI

Hendrik Falk, CTx CRC Ltd

Andrew Harvey, UniQuest

Malika Kumarasiri, UniQuest

Jeff Mitchell, WEHI

Moana Simpson, Griffith Uni

Brad Sleebs, WEHI

Ian Street, CTx CRC Ltd

Amelia Vom, WEHI